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Brand: HP Model: H6Y90AA
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Baterie laptop DELL 450-AHRG Baterie laptop DELL 450-AHRG
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Brand: DELL Model: 450-AHRG
Dell USB-C 130 W AC Adapter with 1meter Power Cord, Power Capacity: 130 Watt, Incorporates a rubber strap for easy cable management and a LED light ring on the DC connector, 1y limited warranty..
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Geanta laptop ASUS 90-XB4000BA00010- Geanta laptop ASUS 90-XB4000BA00010-
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90-XB4000BA00010-
Geanta Notebook ASUS Nereus, 15.6 neagra, poliester, Dimensions: geanta: 425*80 *325mm, Weight: 530g..
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Geanta laptop ASUS 90-XB4000BA00060- Geanta laptop ASUS 90-XB4000BA00060-
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90-XB4000BA00060-
Rucsac Notebook ASUS Nereus, 15.6 negru, poliester, Dimensions: rucsac: 450*315*120mm, Dimensions: compartiment NB: 383*260*29.9mm, Weight: 500g..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB01DN-BBA000 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB01DN-BBA000
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB01DN-BBA000
Geanta Notebook ASUS EOS 2, 15.6 neagra, poliester..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB01DN-BBA010 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB01DN-BBA010
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB01DN-BBA010
Geanta Notebook ASUS EOS 2, 15.6 gri, poliester..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB03P0-BBP000 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB03P0-BBP000
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB03P0-BBP000
Rucsac Asus Triton, Tip 2-in-1, Compatibil cu notebook de pana la 16" ,material poliester, culoare negru, dimensiuni: 31.75(L) x 19.05(W) x46.99(H), 1.2Kg..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB0410-BBP010 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB0410-BBP010
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB0410-BBP010
Rucsac Notebook ASUS Artemis, 17", gri, poliester, Dimensiuni rucsac: 530*360*190mm, Dimensiuni compartiment NB: 415*280*35.6mm, Greutate 915g..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB0470-BBP000 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB0470-BBP000
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB0470-BBP000
Rucsac Notebook ASUS HB-01 Gaming Backpack, 15.6 negru, poliester, WaterProof, 16L, Dimensions: rucsac: 420*320*175mm, Dimensions: c ompartiment NB: 390*266*30.1mm, Weight: 530g..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB04D0-BBP000 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB04D0-BBP000
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB04D0-BBP000
Rucsac Notebook ASUS Artillery, BP3701G, 17, negru, 2 compartimente pentru laptopuri 17", 2 buzunare laterale, pentru accesorii, poliester rezistent la apa si zgarieturi, Dimensiuni rucsac: 510*500*230mm, Dimensiuni compartiment NB: 400*3202*45cm, Greutate 1460g..
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Geanta laptop ASUS 90XB04ZN-BBP020 Geanta laptop ASUS 90XB04ZN-BBP020
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB04ZN-BBP020
Rucsac Notebook Asus BP1501G ROG, 17, negru..
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Geanta laptop Asus 90XB04ZN-BBP030 Geanta laptop Asus 90XB04ZN-BBP030
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Brand: ASUS Model: 90XB04ZN-BBP030
BP1501G ROG BACKPACK 15_17, Black, Holographic Edition, Stylish, gaming-inspired design with the cyber-text pattern and ROG Logo, Quick- access exterior pocket for your essential accessories, Generous 18L interior for easy transport of an up to 17’’ notebook, Dimensions: 332* 460*153mm (L x H x..
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